DUI-What to expect?

You have been arrested. You sat in jail. It smells of wretchedness. You are upset and angry. Angry with the police officer. Perhaps, angry with yourself. You bail out and the officer tells you when you must return to court. You go home, feeling defeated and exhausted. What do you do next?

The officer took away your driver’s license when he arrested you. In California, you have a temporary license for 30 days. You have ten days to ask for a DMV hearing to continue to drive past those thirty days. Time is crucial. Contact Asit immediately, so he can request a DMV hearing for you so that you may continue to drive while the case is pending.

At your first court date, he will obtain a copy of your police paperwork and examine the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Each case is different. Some hinge on witness testimony, others on scientific evidence such as your blood alcohol level from a breath sample or a forced blood draw. Asit will be able to determine whether there was a violation of your Constitutional rights and scrutinize whether the evidence should be allowed in court. He will protect you and your rights.

Asit will help you navigate a difficult process as you try to set your life back in course. You can expect that he will counsel you wisely. Regardless of whether this is your first DUI or if this is an incident where property was damaged or someone injured or killed, Asit will defend you. Call him at (415) 766-3526.