In 2012, during a visit at the San Francisco Superior Courthouse, I happened to witness a trial with then District Attorney Asit Panwala. It was an experience I’ll never forget; not because it was my first time witnessing a live trial, but rather because of Asit’s exceptional performance. I felt like I was watching a scripted TV show; he was that prepared and engaged. As a homicide prosecutor at the time, Asit presented the facts of that particular case with utmost precision, and dare I say, brevity. His obvious preparation and experience reflected in the eyes of the jurors whom I paid close attention to. They were just as mesmerized by his presentation skills as I was. Asit prevailed in that case (to none of my surprise).

So, fast forward to 2017, when I sought out an attorney for my Civil Claim, I was exceedingly happy to realize that Asit had left the DA’s office and started his own law practice. Despite the possibility that he may not have specialized in my type of case, with legal matters – especially ones that may go to trial – I was fully aware that selecting the right attorney was more about judging the person as a whole than it was about judging the specific experience. The law is the law, and Asit Panwala serves people well by knowing it inside and out. He is a critical thinker, thorough, and has wide-ranging experience. Also, if a case is called to trial, I can think of no better person to heed that call than Asit Panwala: In that realm, he’s an absolute force to be reckoned with. I saw it with my own eyes.

M.K.  (current client)