Life can throw a wrench in your plans. My ex-wife abused me for 2 years – physically and mentally. Unbeknownst to me, she had been recording our arguments. One day while going to work, the police confronted and arrested me.  Asit was recommended to me by an acquaintance. Asit was my top choice, but he was very upfront and mentioned that he had an upcoming trial. I decided to go with another lawyer. 
Six months later, the case was still dragging with no progress. I reached out to Asit to get his professional opinion. We set up a consultation and Asit was extremely diligent  He asked for my police records and relevant discovery. Prior to our conversation, Asit had gone through all the details of the case. In that one hour discussion, I felt he knew my case details better than my existing attorney. I switched to him.  
Asit is very meticulous, hardworking and professional. He filed a motion to compel, forcing the Deputy District Attorney to acknowledge that they had lost the recordings of the police interviews of my ex-wife, hamstringing our ability to cross-examine her.  I went to trial, but I had a lot on the line because I am here on a  work visa.
 I was nervous as we picked a jury, but Asit was personable and calm.  Asit gave a remarkable opening statement.  The next day, the deputy district attorney asked for a mistrial because he did not believe he could get a conviction after Asit’s powerful opening statement.  He claimed that it was unfair that Asit had commented on the fact that my ex-wife had unilaterally withdrew money from our joint account after charges were filed.  The judge told him it was time to reconsider his plea offer.  He offered a plea to disturbing the peace, and I accepted it because it would not affect my immigration status.  Thank you Asit, for standing by my side. B.P.