The Law Office of Asit Panwala continues to fight for the voters of Morgan Hill who were deprived of their right to vote in a referendum.  More than 2,500 registered voters signed a petition calling on the City to either repeal a zoning ordinance that would provide a huge financial windfall to a out-of-town hotel developer or place it on the ballot for voter approval.  The City working closely with River Park Hospitality refused to follow the California Constitution and place it on the ballot for voter approval.


The trial court found for the City, but Panwala successfully persuade the  Sixth District Court of Appeal to reverse the trial court in City of Morgan Hill v. Bushey, etc., et al., (2017) 12 Cal.App.5th 34.  The case will now be heard by the California Supreme Court.

Asit Panwala of the Law Office of Asit Panwala and J. Randall Toch from the Toch Law Firm represent the Hotel Coalition and the voters in this matter.  Their brief was submitted to the Supreme Court last Thursday.