I received the phone message on my birthday.  Those who know me, know it is a national, rotating holiday for myself but the man sounded frantic and desperate for help.  That is how I first met Adesola.  I returned his call on my birthday while away on vacation.

Adesola is the father of a young boy, who provides for him by working for Instacart.  He had a tumultuous relationship with his child’s mother.  When the mother became exasperated with his son, Adesola took his son to Baltimore to live with his own mother.  The problem is that he did not have legal custody. The police soon arrested him for child abduction, and Adesola pled guilty to a felony with probation to get out of jail.

While on probation, his child’s mother would manipulate him.  If he did not do what she wanted, he would deny him to access to his child.  She demanded money and for Adesola to do errands.  One day, she went to the police station and complained that Adesola had threatened to hurt her via phone and harassed her by calling her 200 times.  Her call log showed three missed calls. Nevertheless, the probation department filed a motion to revoke Adesola’s probation.

I had learned that the mother of Adesola’s son had been arrested for DV and convicted of theft. I was ready for cross-examination and subpoenaed records to use at the hearing. Adesola was nervous, but when it came time for the hearing, the probation department folded.  They withdrew their motion to revoke before we even held a hearing, which is unheard of.  Meanwhile, Adesola now has joint custody. Adesola thanked me profusely for answering his phone call.