Judge Masipa reviewed Pistorius’s case and sentenced him to 6 years in prison. Given that the reviewing court reversed the lower court’s decision and found Pistorius guilty of murder, it is curious that the Court only sentenced him to 6 years.  Murderers are sentenced for a minimum term of 15 year in South Africa.  In her explanation, the Court stated that there was mitigation in the case; that Pistorius had reason to believe an intruder was in his house, that he was vulnerable on his stumps, and there was no evidence of domestic violence.  Her explanation sounds like the argument for the defense that this tragedy was purely an accident and that Pistorius did not harbor the malicious intent to kill Reeva Steenkamp.  The sentence is the equivalent of “splitting the baby” or some type of judicial compromise to sentence Pistorius to 6 years rather than 15 or letting him off completely. It probably leaves both sides unhappy, but I have heard many judges state that if neither side is happy with the result, then the outcome is fair. 3600