Today, the Law Office of Asit Panwala sued the City of Morgan Hill for violating the California Election Code on behalf of the Hotel Coalition. The suit seeks a court order directing the city to suspend Ordinance No. 2131 until the City Council repeals the ordinance or allows the voters to decide the issue.

Hotel Coalition.jpg

Ordinance No. 2131 rezoned a parcel of land on Lightpost Way and Madrone Parkway from industrial to commercial to open the way for out-of-town developer to build a hotel. Industrial land is scarce in Morgan Hill, and provides a means of bringing jobs to the city.  Meanwhile Morgan Hill already has a hundred-four room hotel opening later this year, increasing the supply of hotel rooms by approximately 20%.

More than four thousand people signed the petition to suspend the ordinance. The petition was certified as sufficient because it constituted more than ten percent (10%) of Morgan Hill’s registered voters. Nevertheless, the City Council snubbed the voters and terminated the petition. Not only has the City Council violated the California Constitution, but they seem to believe that right of the voters to change the laws is meaningless.