Anthony R. had been convicted of three felonies and sent to prison.  He was never violent, but he continued to violate his probation until the Court had no other choice but to incarcerate him. His felony convictions were for unauthorized use of a car, and for a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.  He abused alcohol but since his release more than seven years ago, the 12 step program helped him regain his sobriety.  Now, Anthony is the typical middle age man with a job in sales trying to balance work and time with his family including his high-school age daughter.



A week ago, he earned a second chance when the Judge granted his motion for a certificate of rehabilitation.  Now, his application for a pardon will be sent to Governor’s office.  Regardless of whether he receives one, the certificate prevents his past from creating obstacles in his future.  Congratulations Anthony! You worked hard to get here.