I received this review from a client yesterday.  She posted it on Avvo.com. It was touching.

Don’t waste anymore time looking for another attorney. You will not find a better attorney than Asit Panwala. Not only is he brillant, resoucesful, and well-connected, but he also has a deep knowledge of the laws and legal systems. His experience as a prosecutor gives him insight most criminal defense attorneys do not have.

On top of these attributes, he is extremely attentive, and professional thoroughout my case. He responded to me on weekends and night, always within 24 hours. Not a second went by during my process where I didn’t feel like I was not his top priority.

What impressed me the most and set Asit apart from everyone else is his deep compassion and care for his clients. He goes beyond his means to help. Simply put Asit is by far the BEST. Anyone who needs compassionate, and super brilliant attorney should call Asit Panwala.

Asit, I am eternally grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.