Aaron Hernandez, former tight-end for the New England Patriots, hired an amazing legal team. They had to concede that Hernandez was at the scene of the murder rather than at a nightclub as he told the Patriots’ owner. However, they have persuasively argued that he was not a participant. Hernandez’s attorney, James Sultan, argued that he lacked a motive to kill Odin Lloyd.  Lloyd and Hernandez dated sisters, and appeared to have little contact with each other.

The prosecutor spent forty-five minutes in his closing argument talking about motive when he was unable to show one. That’s a mistake.

Meanwhile, the defense has accused the two drug dealers who Hernandez drove to the scene of shooting Lloyd. The prosecutor argued instead that Hernandez shot the gun.  He also argued that Hernandez aided the drug dealers in killing Lloyd by driving them there. Two theories of the case also does not make it easier to convince the jury.


Hernandez trial continues

The jury has been out two days. They have asked questions about the possession of weapon charges, which lead me to believe that they have decided on the greater charge of murder. We’ll see.  I would expect a verdict today.