I am not sure what I expected from my first year in practice. When other lawyers ask about my practice with envy, I often wonder if I am missing something.  Starting one’s own practice isn’t easy nor is it monetarily rewarding in it’s first year.  I just believed that my legal skills would be useful to clients, and so I placed any fears aside and started.

In the past year, I have helped many clients and worked on interesting issues.

  • I conducted three robbery trials. Two of the three clients were acquitted.
  • I prevailed in an administrative hearing to overturn a finding of child abuse where a child was accidentally hit in the head by his father, allowing the father to pursue his dream of starting his own business of teaching high school students how to drive.
  • We prevailed on a motion to quash a subpoena when my client’s wife subpoenaed his work e-mails, sent both to his lawyer and friend, in a lawsuit against him.  Note, do not use your work e-mail to contact your lawyer and definitely do not cc third parties.
  • I persuaded the court to send an addict, who is a veteran of the Iraq war, to veteran’s court to receive treatment rather than receive a jail sentence for breaking into and sleeping in a car.
  • I successfully negotiated a legal malpractice claim on behalf of my client who received poor advice when filing for bankruptcy.
  • I counseled a client while he sought treatment and ensured that he would be able to reduce his felony conviction to a misdemeanor after a year in a domestic violence case.
  • I convinced the District Attorney’s Office to refrain from filing felony manslaughter charge for an accident that resulted in the death of a motorist.
  • I was able to overturn a recommendation from probation that the court to send my client to a group home and instead have him place with his grandfather despite the grandfather’s past criminal history. The grandfather was a reformed man after serving his time, and believes he can keep his grandson from making the mistakes that he has made.

As any practicing lawyer will tell you, one cannot spend too much time reflecting as there is more work to be done. I have some great cases that I am working on currently, and we will see what the next year brings.