Our client, a sixteen-year-old boy, was charged with robbery along with two other boys in juvenile court.  The prosecution accused him and two others boys of violently attacking a foreign student and placing him in a chokehold while stealing his headphones and attempting to steal his laptop. The prosecutor’s offer to our client was plea to the top charge of robbery, a violation of Penal Code Section 211/212.5(a).  This would be the first strike that could be used against him for the rest of his life.  Our client had no record.

Asit Panwala had fifteen days to prepare for trial, with the help of Investigator John Murphy. One of his key defense witnesses was the person who called 911 to report the crime, and Asit effectively cross-examined other eyewitnesses to create reasonable doubt and show that our client did not participate in the robbery. The court acquitted him of all charges, and our client was reunited with his family.