Oscar Pistorius’s case was suppose to be the case of the Century. It was expected that it would be the most highly publicized trial since O.J. Simpson. Fortunately for Oscar, Flight 370 disappeared and took over the headlines. The trial was also on break for a month due to Easter. Most recently, Oscar’s attorney sought to introduce evidence that Oscar suffers from an anxiety disorder to explain why he was so quick to shoot when he believed that there was an intruder in his home.

The prosecutor, unaware that the defense will present expert testimony, is entitled to have their own doctors examine Oscar Pistorious and determine whether he actually suffers from anxiety.  Given that anxiety is typically diagnosed based on self-reporting, I don’t see how the prosecutor’s doctors will have anything useful to say after they interview him. Nevertheless, the trial is in its second hiatus until those interviews are conducted.

Oscar Pistorius has been forced to sell his house to meet spiralling legal bills

More importantly, where is the motive for the crime?  In OJ’s case, Nicole had left him and Simpson had a record of domestic violence. Although Oscar has displayed impulsive behavior, no evidence has been introduced to show that he had any motive to kill Reeva Steenkamp.

Was Reeva messaging another lover at the time of shooting? What does her cell phone show? Did Oscar have any reason to shoot her that night? It is not enough to show that Oscar shot Reeva. The prosecution needs more if they are going to be able to successfully convict him of murder.