Law Office of Asit Panwala – a former prosecutor is your best defense

For fourteen years, Asit sat in the prosecutor’s chair. He has made charging decisions, negotiated pleas, and supervised investigations. He is a highly successful trial attorney who has conducted 47 trials, specializing in domestic violence, sexual assault, and homicide cases. For the past three years, Asit has been defending his clients passionately.  He has an intimate understanding of the criminal justice system and its moving parts. He is available to represent you in any matter including DUI, theft or drug possession.

If you want a defense attorney whom prosecutors will respect and listen to, you should contact him. No one else will have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case. If you need an exceptional trial attorney, you should look no further. Asit has the skills to advocate strongly and passionately for you in any professional or criminal matter.

Call him at (415) 766-3526. He will defend you with passion.

Asit contributes to the legal community in many ways. He is a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco, the Endorsement Committee of the South Asian Bar Association, and the Civil Rights Committee of Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area. He also handles cases for indigent clients on behalf of the County Bar Association.